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Blog posts November 2017

Help or Hurt? Contacting client's procurement people between Bid Issue and Bid Open dates

A lot of people have queried whether building contacts inside the procuring organization during the bid phase helps or hurts your bid. The answer is - it depends on several factors. We will answer in general terms first followed by the relevance to technical/review stage of the bid. First of all, so…

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Building a Winning Proposal by that Deadline - Why RFP Strategy IS Critical

Nirvans Consulting Point-of-view: A framework for RFP strategy and proposal build.

POV #1 - Method to the Madness: Meeting that important RFP deadline with a winning bid

[ POV#1 (Method to the madness: Meeting that important RFP deadline with a winning bid) ]. Slide Deck Contains:

  • RFP Strateg…

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