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Value creation through sub-task outsourcing

We are in age of hyper connectivity and digital transformation that new business models are emerging at a fast pace even as older established businesses try to pivot for impactful consumer experience (CX).

Qualified workforce which previously was not part of the global economy are becoming strong contributors to it. Outsourcing as a concept has also been affected and is slowly being transformed. Today there are an increasing number of contributors to platforms like TaskRabbit, or Upwork, and more of them are located in non-Western part of the world. And that is for obvious reasons - you find more talented, hardworking workers around the globe and contributing from a different timezone adds efficiency and shortens delivery schedules.

Whereas in the 90s and naughts the outsourcing of services like IT, BPO and later KPO was mainly focused on cost arbitrage and systematic delivery processes (like CMM or ISO standardization), now the driving force is the pull from consumers - think of it as CX for connected, aware and cost conscious client. Through hyper specialized search and inquiries consumers are demanding an even greater delivery-efficiency and speed from the outsourcing companies, vendors, individuals and platforms.

A case in point is our Proposal Management division that cover Sales Enablement, Proposal Strategy and Bid Development. We find that whereas the inquiries from large Government and Defence RFPs have increased at usual pace over the last two years, there has been a 40% increase in revenue from our hyper-specialized service division. This division is focused on providing consultation for a very specific portion of project or proposal development effort. For example we recently did some work where the ask was to do only the architectural and civil engineering design for a medium sized Government proposal (~$15 million). Outsourcing this very specific drawing portion enabled our client to focus more on pricing, delivery and other aspects of the proposal.
Similarly for a DoD proposal we developed the required staffing model and obtained comittment letters from potential employees. This was something that DoD procurement had specifically asked for in the RFP and had also allocated high points to in evaluation criteria. Because no sane small to medium sized organization will assume the risk of hiring people without an active project, this manner of outsourcing of sub-tasks in the proposal is a win-win for everyone. Once our client won the bid it was easy work to create a contract-to-hire for these workers and kick off the project.

Thus greater efficiencies can be achieved through outsourcing of specific tasks and sub tasks in a project that make a meaningful difference to the bottom line.
If you need assistance to review how sub-task outsourcing can help your current bid or proposal development reach to us at

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