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Are India-based e-Commerce Brands and Sellers setup for Speed, Scale and Efficiency? Tough Calls

In recent weeks there have been multiple (re-)defining events in the fledgling e-commerce industry in India. Economic Times reported on February 6th that - "Tightening norms for e-commerce firms having foreign investment, the government, from February 1, barred online marketplaces like Flipkart and …

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Value creation through sub-task outsourcing

We are in age of hyper connectivity and digital transformation that new business models are emerging at a fast pace even as older established businesses try to pivot for impactful consumer experience (CX).

Qualified workforce which previously was not part of the global economy are becoming strong…

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Project Management - Tools of the Trade

We thought it would be interesting to share some tools of the trade for Project Management in the real world. So here's a good list of Best Project Management Software in 2018, courtesy of Cloudwards.

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Real World Project Management - What Tech PM's CAN learn from Industry Projects

The picture above is telling. This is the new Gurugram city, a suburb of New Delhi, India. Nearly a 100% of the homes and apartments in this picture are new (under 5 year old concrete construction). Real Estate companies have built a city overnight in the middle of farmland here in the state of …

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Ready for GDPR? Business Proposal Strategies for European Data Protection Standards which are enforceable from May 2018

Many businesses are developing business proposals for European Union GDPR related changes. Read insights from our IT Content team focusing on Euro region and Data Governance.


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Help or Hurt? Contacting client's procurement people between Bid Issue and Bid Open dates

A lot of people have queried whether building contacts inside the procuring organization during the bid phase helps or hurts your bid. The answer is - it depends on several factors. We will answer in general terms first followed by the relevance to technical/review stage of the bid. First of all, so…

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Building a Winning Proposal by that Deadline - Why RFP Strategy IS Critical

Nirvans Consulting Point-of-view: A framework for RFP strategy and proposal build.

POV #1 - Method to the Madness: Meeting that important RFP deadline with a winning bid

[ POV#1 (Method to the madness: Meeting that important RFP deadline with a winning bid) ]. Slide Deck Contains:

  • RFP Strateg…

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